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At FTS we understand your condominium is your life’s greatest investment. The Parcel Map and Condominium Plan we prepare will be the legal record of land subdivision and dimension the space you own. We thoroughly and accurately map the footprint of your building; all Units, Exclusive-Use Common Areas and Common Areas and produce detailed drawings dimensioning as such. Our goal is accuracy, clarity and professionalism. Protect your greatest investment, accurately define it.

Condominium Conversions are broken into three mapping actions:

1. Tentative Parcel Map (click here for sample map)

2. Parcel Map (click here for sample map)

3. Condominium Plan (click here for sample map)

The Tentative Parcel Map is a general overview of the property that is being subdivided. It shows the existing structure(s) and details elevation changes on the property. It is submitted with requirements detailed in the City’s Condominium Conversion Checklist, and is the first step in starting your Condominium Conversion with the Department of Public Works (DPW).

The Parcel Map is the least understood, but most important step in subdividing the property. The Parcel Map is the legal instrument that officially subdivides the property into Condominiums (multiple airspace parcels). The Parcel Map legally identifies the new parcels by individual lot numbers and is referenced in the Condominium Plan.

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