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The Condominium Plan is the last step of the conversion process. Recorded as an exhibit to the project’s CC&R’s, the Condominium Plan details the dimensions and elevations of all the Units, Exclusive-Use Common Areas and the Common Area of the project.

The Unit is typically defined as the airspace bounded by the interior surfaces of the perimeter walls and the floor and ceiling. Our office will provide an accurate, detailed, and clearly dimensioned plat of the Units, the position, and resulting square footage.

Exclusive-Use Common Areas are areas outside the Unit that a particular owner will have exclusive rights to. Some examples are parking, storage, decks and yards. Often times these areas are not directly attached to a Unit and great care must be taken in dimensioning islands of Exclusive-Use Common Areas found within the Common Area.

Common Area is all the area that is left un-dimensioned and un-assigned. This area will be held in common by all the homeowners and is subject to the terms as described in the CC&R’s.


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